About Sanandaa Fine Arts

Music is one of the most popular and widely practiced form of Fine Arts that transcends various linguistic and cultural barriers. Madras Music Season is a fabulous event hosted every December–January in south Indian Music Hub - Chennai. As anybody’s guess the Chennai Music Hub revolves around areas of Mylapore, Triplicane & TNagar . This is no more true, as the Chennai hub slowly shifts its focus to the outskirts like Madambakkam, Selaiyur.

The first annual music festival - “SANGEETHA MARGAZHI” @ Madambakkam-2011 – was held on the 22nd Dec 2011 at the huge Sanaanda Marriage Hall. Demonstrating music season in a Marriage hall for 5 days, Sanaanda echoed the jingling sounds of anklets and Carnatic music notes as the SAF conducts its Margazhi music festival. Lasting for 5 days, a number of large and small kutcheris were held at the Sanaanda Marriage Hall, @Madambakkam by competent Musicians across the City.

In this inauguration address Mr Anand the Founder-Secretary cum Owner of Sanaanda Marriage Hall & the SFA expressed his desire of carnatic music to reach the outskirts and bring musical ambience to the local residents. SFA will feature a diverse mix of classical vocal music, instrumental music, Bharathanathyam (Dance Drama - Ravaneshwaran) by popular and upcoming artistes

The most appealing features of the SFA@Sanaanda included spectacular light settings, creative & mesmerizing stage-setting/backdrops, excellent acoustics, wonderful ambience & the yummy Food Court. Sanaanda would be a good example of how the stage settings can be made to encourage imagination &inspiration to give the fullest of the artistes.